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Im Amy, the face behind Flutter Florals. 

My floral style is a bit wild and free, I love wildflowers and anything a little bit unusual and boho. (Bit like my own personal style aswell)

I specialise in offering wild and wonderful British flowers with a bit of an edge.

My favourite flowers are Snapdragons and Sweet peas and love a bit of Explosion Grass :)


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My Story

After being made redundant from my Job in London working in the Fashion industry within Jewellery sales and design, I retrained in Floristry with Tallulah Rose Flower School.

My Mum (who I work alongside now) has worked in the industry for years as a horticulturist and then as a florist within a shop. Me and my sister always used to make fun of her for reciting the latin names of plants and flowers and was convinced she was making it up.  Most be something in the blood though as working with flowers seemed like the natural step for me after working in fashion for so many years. I think it is the creative side and being very hands on that I love so much and being out in nature, even though I thought I was a city girl I am very much a country girl.

After retraining in floristry I convinced my mum to co-team with me to grow all the flowers we use for weddings and events. I wanted to keep everything British and local and provide eco friendly flowers using sustainable methods. I didn't want to use any floral foam whatsoever and to this day have never used it. I wanted to be different from florists in my area and work with British home grown flowers and offer a different style and only wanted to use imported flowers minimally if at all. My mum shared this vision and so Flutter florals was born.

So now we have a piece of land  just outside Purton in Wiltshire with 3 Poly tunnels where we grow all our own flowers. We have approx 10, 15 foot outside flower beds for seasonal flowers. We use the flowers to provide for weddings, events, bouquets for local businesses and flowers to local residents. In 2022 we started to provide wholesale for local Florists aswell. In 2023 we joined Flowers from the Farm.

This is a family business. I share alot of behind the scenes on our social media so you can see it truly is about family and our love of flowers. Sally (Mum) grows the flowers and makes sure they look perfect aswell as running her own business Basket Case (hanging baskets). Neil (Dad) helps alot with the manual labour that being a flower farmer brings (building the poly tunnels himself and our potting shed we work from)- he is also chief tractor driver. Hollie (Sister) Helps out alot with the workshops and teaching as she is fab with people. 

We are still fairly new and always look for ways to improve, challenge ourselves and make the most out of the land we have. We are always thinking of the next steps and how we can be as sustainable as we possibly can.

we love for you to follow us along on our journey and see us become a fully fledged flower farm and events florist. 


Im always available for chat. Just drop me a message

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