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Flower Patch

Welcome to our local family run flower patch. Based just outside Purton in Wiltshire we have just under 1 acre of land with 3 poly tunnels and approx 10 large 15 foot outside flower beds.

We grow seasonal British flowers to use for our wedding and events. We also provide flowers to local residents and have pick your own days.

As of 2022 we also provide wholesale to local florists. 

The farm/patch is run by Sally of 'Basket Case' who also provides summer and winter hanging baskets to local residents, businesses and councils. 

contact us for any enquiries, no matter how small


It all started in mums back garden and now developed into land off the back of a working farm near Purton as we outgrew the space and the demand grew.

We grow a range of beautiful seasonal flowers throughout the year. We try to grow flowers that are unusual and different to offer people something unique they wont get anywhere else. In the late summer/autumn we grow over 50 different types of Dahlias and open the patch up for pick your own mornings.

We try and use the most sustainable methods when growing flowers and reuse and recycle everything we can. We don't use any harsh chemicals to treat the flowers or to get rid of pests, we also try and use the most natural methods possible. 

We have 5 large water tanks on the premises that collect rain water for us to use when watering the flowers and a pump to feed it through the hoses or many many watering cans :) We don't treat the water they are just covered up from sunlight with a special wrap to make sure no algae grows and contaminates the water. 

checks out socials for behind the scenes and the work we do

Proud member of Flowers from the Farm.


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Packhorse lane



51°36'20.6"N 1°51'37.7"W


Opening Hours

by appointment only

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